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Edisi:VIII/ Isbn: 978-602-70530-2-1/ Level: NASIONAL/ Tahun: 2015

Analisis Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Produksi Padi Sawah Di Daerah Irigasi Way Curup – Provinsi Lampung


The Irrigation Area (IA) of Way Curup with area of 2,167 ha in East Lampung District is one of irrigation network that built in order to increase paddy production. The goal of this study is:1) Knowing the development of rice field irrigated in IA of Way Curup, 2) Knowing factors that influenced the production of rice field paddy in IA of Way Curup, 3) Knowing farmer household income of project benefit receiver. Method sampling use stratified random sampling, with amount of 66 respondents. Method analyze used descriptive tabulation analysis and multiple regression. Result from study is 1) Areal wide of rice field irrigated just 1.050 ha (48,8 % from project goals) and Cropping Index (CI) of Paddy just 78%, 2) Productivity of rice field paddy equal to 4,9 ton paddy/ha on 2007/2008 -Wet Season (WS) and 4,7 ton/ha on 2007-Dry Season (DS), dominant variety namely Ciherang (90,9%), hybrid paddy namely Intani (3%), IR-64 (3%), and others (3,1%), 3) Income of farmer household currently is Rp 16.503.350 higher 78,4% compared to goal project. To increase the production, it is need to increase productivity of rice field irrigated by the optimal using of fertilizer, the using of new high yield variety, improving of planted area (CI) of paddy, and availability of water discharge.

Kata Kunci  factor analysis, irrigation area rice field paddy, production
ID / Nomor / Tahun  39 / - / 2015
Rumpun Ilmu  PERTANIAN
Peneliti (Ketua) Viktor Siagian
Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Banten
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