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Edisi:VIII/ Isbn: 978-602-70530-2-1/ Level: NASIONAL/ Tahun: 2015

Peningkatan Produktivitas Padi Melalui Introduksi Varietas Unggul Baru Dan Sistem Tanam Jajar Legowo Di Lahan Sawah Irigasi – Jambi


New varieties of rice is one of the most innovative technology for the most easily adopted by farmers because the technology is cheap and very practical. The application of technology through the selection of specific new superior varieties can increase the productivity of rice in irrigated land and increase the income of farmers so as to improve the welfare of the community . The purpose of this study was to determine the increase in productivity of rice Inpari 1 and Inpara 3 with integrated crop management approach in irrigated land. The assessment was conducted in the village of Karang Birahi sub District Pamenang, Merangin District of Jambi Province in June until September 2012, involving farmer groups of Karya Bakti and planting 1 ha. Rice varieties are planted Inpari 1, Inpara 3 and IR 64. Assessment is done through integrated crop management ( ICM ) and the way farmers. The study showed that the variability of rice plants Inpari 1 and Inpara 3 in phase vegetative and generative growth phases of good to excellent while performance of IR 64 was pretty good. The highest grain yield Inpari 1 is 7,20 t/ha followed by Inpara 3 ( 6,72 t/ha ) and IR 64 ( 5,08 t/ha and 4,24 t/ha). The increase in rice yield Inpari 1 was 29,44 % compared with IR 64 cropping system tiles and 41,11 % with irregular cropping system. While the increase in rice yield Inpara 3 was 24,44 % compared with IR 64 varieties cropping system tiles and 36,90 % with irregular cropping systems. Farmer response is quite good at Inpari 1 so that planted the following season.

Kata Kunci  New varieties of rice, productivity, irrigation land
ID / Nomor / Tahun  38 / - / 2015
Rumpun Ilmu  PERTANIAN
Peneliti (Ketua) Jumakir
Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Jambi
Peneliti (Anggota) Endrizal
Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Jambi
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