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Edisi:VIII/ Isbn: 978-602-70530-2-1/ Level: NASIONAL/ Tahun: 2015

Peran Pupuk Organik Untuk Pertanian Organik Dan Produktivitas Lahan


Agricultural development programs through conservation techniques by integrating livestock and crops (crop-livestock) as well as the use of legume crops in the form of plants hallway (alley crooping) and ground cover (cover crop) as a green manure or compost should be encouraged and intensified. Declaration of "Go organic" by the Ministry of Agriculture is expected to support the development of organic fertilizer in Indonesia. The development of livestock farming has quite good prospects of alternative procurement enriched manure like cow dung, sheep and chickens. Organic fertilizers are a major source of soil nitrogen. The function of organic fertilizer in the soil is divided into 3 groups, namely the function of physics, chemistry and biology. All three of these functions will affect the life of the plant to grow normally and produce optimally.

Kata Kunci  Organic, physical of chemical and biological, land productivity
ID / Nomor / Tahun  27 / - / 2015
Rumpun Ilmu  PERTANIAN
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