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Edisi:VIII/ Isbn: 978-602-70530-2-1/ Level: NASIONAL/ Tahun: 2015

Peran Wanita dalam Pemanfaatan Pekarangan Mendukung Upaya Ketahanan Pangan Keluarga di Desa Sukapulih Sumatera Selatan


Utilization of the yard is one of the efforts to achieve food security requires family involvement or participation of women as protagonists. One of the important factors that influence the success of development activities is the level KRPL active community participation. This paper aims to look at how big the role of women in the utilization of the yard in the village Sukapulih OKI South Sumatra, that is expected to help achieve a better level of development. The study was conducted in August 2014. The method used is the method of observation and survey. Respondents are members of Women Farmers Group (KWT) Srimelati, who joined in the activities Region Sustainable Food House (KRPL) with a total of 25 people representing 25 households or families. From the survey findings that the role of women TIN much as 46.6 % while 53.4 % of men Amounting . When doing so, the woman 's role much as 48.6 % while 51.4 % of men. In determining the utilization of the findings of Decision Against Yard, The role of women as big with role that is 50 % of men . Based on the study findings husband, it appears that the woman acts hearts implementation activities.

Kata Kunci  Role of Women, Utilization Yard
ID / Nomor / Tahun  17 / - / 2015
Rumpun Ilmu  PERTANIAN
Peneliti (Ketua) Yuana Juwita
Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Sumatera Selatan
Peneliti (Anggota) Suparwoto
Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Sumatera Selatan
Yanter Hutapea
Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Sumatera Selatan
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